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UO- Senior Team Leader- Oxford Street

  • Location
  • Oxford Street, London
  • Salary
  • Competitive + Benefits
  • Job Advert Description
  • Title: Senior Team Leader

    Reports To: Department Manager  




    To support the department manager in the leading of the department striving for positive sales, a great customer experience, and operational excellence to a flagship standard. Leading sales associates and senior sales by example and focusing on development of their peers to help early on career progression. To assist the store management in the general operations and running’s of the store including opening and closing in line with the company policy while protecting our teams following the correct Health and Safety procedures.


    Experience Requirement:

    • An understanding of the Urban Outfitters culture and its appeal to the local market
    • Strong leadership and communication skills
    • Demonstrates strong operational skills
    • Ability to drive sales through excellent service, strong visual presentation, and a full understanding of the business.
    • Experience in a fast paced retailer with high unit turnover.
    • Used to a high head count and can manage and direct a large team.


    Job Skills:



    • Model the way by delivering a positive, friendly experience by engaging the customer through service and visual impact.
    • Act as a role model to the team, setting the standard and following up with expectations with your peers.
    • Actively seeks out talent to recruit and train to strengthen the team and support the department.
    • Can have catch up conversations with your team to talk about progress and development needs.
    • Support one to one’s and the appraisal process.
    • Has the confidence to participate and lead conversations around attendance and performance.


    Leadership and Communication:

    • Model the way by inspiring, motivating and encouraging teamwork
    • Possess excellent communication skills and effectively support store management to delegate projects, and consistently follow-up with the team
    • Supports the department manager with effective hand written hand overs to help a seamless transition between the night and day teams.
    • Actively participate in and lead department and daily meetings
    • Effectively use communication binders and noticeboards, ensuring that important information reaches the entire team Model the way by inspiring, motivating and encouraging teamwork
    • Always the top performer on match rates and MPOS performance.
    • Can delegate tasks to the correct peers my ascertaining the employees correct strength and weaknesses.
    • Can conduct effective informative walkthroughs with visitors external to the store.


    Managing the Environment:

    • Effectively service leads a flagship store to deliver an outstanding experience that is reflected in Medallia customer feedback surveys.
    • Manage tasks and jobs being complete within the department so the customer experience isn’t hindered and finished within a productive time.
    • Manage expectations on touch points throughout the store such as fitting rooms, tills and greet.
    • Reacts to Medallia feedback working with management on a plan for improvement areas.



    • Is a leader in operational processes with a high degree of knowledge and a driver of productivity.
    • Take an active role in the processing of delivery and has the high standard of expectation to the same standard of the floor.
    • An efficient process with receipt to shop floor making newness a priority to keep our stores feeling fresh and exciting.
    • All touch points to be set up to an ideal standard to deliver maximum productivity through the day.
    • Exhibit strong loss prevention awareness and help ensure compliance on inventory control measures
    • Work alongside the TSP process if applicable.
    • Adhere to Company Health & Safety regulations at all times


    Merchandising and Display:

    • Uphold merchandising standards and ensure that the sales floor is well stocked
    • Understand how to use Company tools to react to trends and drive business
    • Assist in merchandising and display projects and take an active participation in floor sets
    • Prioritize items according to company best sellers and size availability so our journey avoids customer disappointment.
    • Works alongside the VC to communicate the trends while staying commercial to the market.  

    Commercial Awareness:

    • Support management to maximise departmental sales
    • Utilise Company reports to react to trends and drive business
    • Stay abreast of current trends through knowledge of customer profile
    • Is always aware of the department top 10’s and placements.
    • Uses company tools and competitor walks to know what’s on trend commercially with our customers and replicates the demands in store.
    • Can walk the management team around the department with a commercial understanding.
    • Contributes to managing stock levels through company reports and past weeks of sell